At first glance, a label may seem like a simple product: a piece of thin, self-adhesive substrate, which is applied directly to the product or its primary packaging. However, when we think about the multitude of different fields and ways of its usage, this seemingly straightforward product suddenly reveals itself in all its functional and technological complexity.

We have no doubt that you have a good, solid product. But, will the potential buyers notice it in the company of competitive products? Even the best products have a low chance of success, if they don't stand out on the market shelves. A well thought-out and skillfully produced label can, therefore, be a decisive factor in your product's market recognizability.

Labels are complex analogue carriers of all sorts of messages, which can roughly be divided into the following categories:

  • Product image/visual impact. With a distinct visual image of the label the manufacturer tries to provoke an emotional response of the end user, which has to be in line with the purpose and nature of the product, thus encouraging the costumer to buy it.
  • Information on key ingredients/components/contents of the product. This segment is usually dependent on the statutory (legal) requirements, put in place to specify the kind and scope of the information, which has to be included on the product.
  • Information on proper handling/usage of the product.
  • Potential safety issues, resulting from the composition or irregular use of the product.


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