Ecology and sustainability
Ecology and sustainability

Ecology and sustainability

In our business operation we continue to follow the guidelines of sustainable development, both in production and in other business processes. This is why we have introduced a printing technology with ecologically safe colours, printing machines that produce no CO2 and advanced technological solutions to achieve minimal losses of production material and consumables. In this way, LabelProfi ensures a minimum carbon footprint of our products.

We also try to optimize the use of resources on a daily basis through the rationalization of all business processes, from planning to logistics. With this approach, we are doing our best to follow the global trends of reducing the carbon footprint and the consumption of material resources.

Our efforts towards sustainable production methods:

  • Colours for printing on digital printing machines are ecologically safe. This is confirmed by worldwide certification authorities (FDA Food Standards, ROHS, REACH) and we have obtained several certifications that confirm that our labels and flexible packaging are truly eco-friendly.
  • In the production process, the loss of materials is reduced to a minimum due to optimization, even in small quantities. Energy consumption is also optimal and much lower in relation to the unit of the printed area compared to conventional printing techniques.
  • Production is carried out in energy-saving premises with minimal heat losses. If necessary, we also use the internal heat of the machines.
  • We have waste and material residue management in place.
  • Our printing machinery produces no CO2.


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