Pharmacy and plant protection
Pharmacy and plant protection

Pharmacy and plant protection

In the manufacture of packaging and labels for the pharmaceutical or plant protection industry, we must comply with a number of legal provisions and regulations.

The size of the font used on the packaging, the readability of the letters (appropriate fonts, including blind printing) and durability are strictly regulated. The printing and materials must be extremely resistant to fading and insensitive to grease, chemicals and other external influences.

Certified processes

Our manufacturing processes comply with numerous quality certificates and rigorous standards in the area of sustainability and environmental and health protection.

Variable data printing and personalization

Our state-of-the-art digital technology enables personalized and variable data printing (serial numbers, personalized barcodes or QR codes, etc.), where the only limits are the dimensions.

Numerous finishes and certified materials

We offer a wide selection of finishes for labels and packaging. You can also choose from a number of special, high-barrier materials suitable for the pharmaceutical and plant protection markets.

Expert supervision of orders

Consultancy and technical support in the production of labels and packaging represent only a small fraction of our excellent customer services, which include all business processes related to printing and delivery of ordered products.

Labels for pharmaceuticals and plant protection products

Labels for pharmaceuticals and plant protection products are usually printed with a variety of variable data (serial numbers, personalized bar or QR codes, language versions, etc.), and frequently blind printing or the so-called embossing (e.g. Braille) is required. With digital printing and state-of-the-art technology for finishing labels, we can easily provide high-quality and durable printing of personalized and variable data, as well as any desired or statutorily prescribed finishes.

  • medicinal products
  • plant protection products
  • pharmaceutical products
  • declaration labels
  • labels for bottles 
  • ointment labels
  • test tube labels
  • square 
  • round
  • rectangular or
  • free-form
  • varnishing (UV varnish)
  • laminating
  • cold or hot gold printing (film printing)
  • screen printing (special coating, varnish and colours)
  • embossing
  • punching and winding on a cardboard core and cutting into sheets
  • perforation

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Intended for visual recognition of the product.

Flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals and plant protection products

Due to their simple and adjustable shape, usefulness for packing, transport and convenient end use, pouches are becoming an increasingly popular form of packaging pharmaceuticals and plant protection products. At LabelProfi, we carry out the manufacture processes to produce pouches in accordance with numerous quality certificates and strict pharmaceutical standards.

Certified processes, materials and colours
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • BRC Packaging
  • FSC
  • 100% Nature-Friendly Colours (FDA Foods Standards)
  • stand-up pouches
  • flat pouches
  • three-side welded bags (for sachets)
  • UV resistance
  • resistance against moisture and grease
  • high chemical resistance
  • high resistance against penetration and excellent tear resistance

Customize your flexible packaging

Roll packaging

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We produce digitally printed and fully flexible film from a wide range of packaging materials.

Stand-up pouch

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We guarantee the highest quality printing with a wide range of finishes, reliable and excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Flat pouch

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We guarantee short production time, small batch printing and the possibility of printing variable and personalized content.

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