For the food industry, we produce high-quality pouches and labels that meet the strictest hygiene and safety food standards.

Our technological process is supported by ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, BRC Packaging and FSC. We use biodegradable, 100% health and nature-friendly printing colours that comply with FDA Foods Standards (ROHS, REACH).

Certified processes

One of our strengths in the food industry are the 100% health-friendly and eco-friendly biodegradable colours, which have obtained all the necessary certificates such as FDA Food Standards, ROHS and REACH.

A wide range of materials and finishes

You can choose from a number of materials and finishes that will provide your food product with a recognizable, attractive and unique appearance.

High applicability

Every food product on the shelf needs a label and packaging. You can pack virtually all types of food products and upgrade them with attractive and functional labels.

Customer service

Consultancy and technical support represent only a small fraction of our excellent customer services, which include all business processes related to printing and delivery of labels and packaging.

Labels in the food industry

A food label must be attractive in order to immediately attract the attention of the buyer when choosing between competing products on the shelves. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the structure of the label meets all functional and technical nutritional standards such as the durability of the material and adhesive, migration of colour through the material and packaging; and takes into account various atmospheric influences on the material, adhesive and colour

  • marketing
  • declarative
  • (UV) varnishing
  • laminating
  • cold or hot gold printing
  • screen printing
  • embossing
  • punching
  • winding on a cardboard core
  • cutting into sheets


    • coated and non-coated
    • thermally sensitive
    • metallized
    • structured
    • black glue paper
    • special

Synthetic materials

    • polypropylene or PP
    • metallized PP
    • polyethylene or PE
    • polyester or PET

Customize your label


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Intended for visual recognition of the product.

Flexible packaging in the food industry

Pouches are a type of flexible packaging that is most commonly used in the food industry. They are a suitable packaging solution for almost anything: from hard, bulky, liquid and even gaseous products. Pouches have proven to be an excellent solution for packing coffee, tea, superfoods, nuts, candy, chocolate products, pasta, frozen food or pet food.

  • stand-up pouch
  • flat pouch
  • roll packaging
  • polymer film (thermoplastic materials)
  • paper
  • aluminium film
  • compostable materials
Closing options
  • zip closure (open or closed zip)
  • welded edge
  • welded edge with zip closure
  • side notches for easier opening
  • hanging hole
Ecology and sustainability
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials – with known recycling processes (“re-newing”)
  • compostable packaging materials – with the help of bacteria up to 80% decomposed in only 90 days

Customize your flexible packaging

Roll packaging

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We produce digitally printed and fully flexible film from a wide range of packaging materials.

Stand-up pouch

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We guarantee the highest quality printing with a wide range of finishes, reliable and excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Flat pouch

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We guarantee short production time, small batch printing and the possibility of printing variable and personalized content.

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