Cosmetic industry is certainly an area where the external appearance of the packaging is of utmost importance. Your packaging should be as elegant and beautiful as your customers will be after using your product.

In order to achieve attractive appearance of labels and pouches for cosmetic products, we will help you choose the right materials and provide professional advice in the selection of finishes. The use of special decorative varnishes and colours, together with film printing, creates a premium packaging look that makes your product more noticeable and attractive on the shelf. Appealing packaging raises the reputation of the brand and promotes the growth of customer loyalty.

Certified processes

Our manufacturing processes comply with numerous quality certificates and rigorous standards in the area of sustainability and environmental and health protection.

Suitable for cosmetics

We offer a wide range of materials and finishes to meet the standards of the cosmetic industry and at the same time attract the attention of customers.

Excellent customer service

Consultancy and technical support represent only a small fraction of our excellent customer services, which include all business processes related to printing and delivery of labels and flexible packaging.

Possibility of product configuration

We offer numerous options and combinations to choose from when configuring your labels or pouches: size, shape, colour, materials, finishes, personalization.

Labels for cosmetics

Labels for cosmetics must be up to a rather difficult task. First of all, compliance with strict legal provisions and regulations must be ensured and the labels must fit on a small area of cosmetic products or their packaging, which is often quite unusual in shape. Secondly, they must ensure high resistance to moisture, grease, chemicals and withstand the frequent use of the labelled product. And finally, they must also stand out with their appearance, attractiveness and originality, thus attracting the attention of buyers who are to choose the products on the shelf from a wide range of competitive alternatives.

  • cosmetic testers
  • (hotel) shampoos
  • conditioners and disposable liquid soaps
  • shampoo and conditioner re-fills
  • creams
  • perfumes
Possible shapes
  • square
  • round
  • rectangular
  • free-form
  • two (or more) layer “peel-off” labels
  • varnishing (UV varnish)
  • laminating
  • cold or hot gold printing (film printing)
  • screen printing (special coatings, varnishes and colours)
  • embossing
  • punching and winding on a cardboard core and
  • cutting into sheets
  • perforation
Different shades of film
  • gold
  • silver
  • metallic
  • matte
  • glossy
  • and others

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Intended for visual recognition of the product.

Flexible packaging for cosmetics

Pouches are an excellent solutions to pack practically anything that comes from the world of the cosmetic industry: hand creams, sunscreen, shampoos, re-fill contents, lipsticks, make-up powders, testers and even perfumes. At LabelProfi, we offer professional assistance in the design of cosmetic packaging and in the selection of suitable materials that will ensure optimum protection for your product. The manufactured packaging will be perfectly adapted to your needs and wishes in terms of shape, size and quantity. When designing the packaging, you can choose between different forms of pouch closing (zip, weld) and variations of the desired outer layer (matte, glossy, soft-touch). With the help of state-of-the-art digital printing, pouches can be personalized or printed with variable data (QR or barcodes, addresses, serial numbers, etc.).

  • cosmetic testers
  • hotel shampoos
  • disposable conditioners and liquid soaps
  • shampoo and conditioner re-fills
  • creams
  • UV resistance
  • resistance against moisture and grease
  • high chemical resistance
  • high resistance to penetration and excellent tear resistance
Possibility of opening
  • notches for easier opening
  • rounded or square corners
  • hanging hole
  • zip closure (open or closed zip)
  • welded zip closure

Customize your flexible packaging

Roll packaging

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We produce digitally printed and fully flexible film from a wide range of packaging materials.

Stand-up pouch

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We guarantee the highest quality printing with a wide range of finishes, reliable and excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Flat pouch

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We guarantee short production time, small batch printing and the possibility of printing variable and personalized content.

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