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About Us

About Us

The LabelProfi team has lengthy experience in the area of graphics and production printing. We started our business operation in 1994 as a small studio for graphic design and preparation for printing. Right from the start, our goal was to use advanced technologies to offer our customers the best possible service and maximum flexibility at all times.

For the past few years, we have specialized in the production of labels. We joined our knowledge and many years of experience under the new LabelProfi brand and became the first company in Slovenia to establish a production environment using classical and digital technology for high-quality label production. Over the last period, we have added a new branch to our activity – the production of flexible packaging (film on reel and pouches) in small and medium-sized batches.


We always establish long-term partnerships with our customers. Innovative solutions, versatile flexibility, excellent service and the use of state-of-the-art technologies are a constant in our company, on the basis of which we can always offer our customers the required quality of products and services at competitive prices.

In accordance with our long-term vision, we also introduce sustainable approaches and practices into the production and business process, whereby we are among the leaders in the industry.


We encourage our employees to have a positive attitude towards work and to be creative, innovative and provide excellent service to our customers. Relations between colleagues in the company are relaxed, creative, tolerant and open. We solve problems without unnecessary panic, quickly and efficiently. We take care of the appropriate education/training of our employees, both professionally and in the field of personal development. At all levels of the company's operations, we strive for ecologically responsible and sustainable behavior. The business culture is based on honest business and respect for all agreements.


In the markets of Central and Western Europe, we act as a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in the field of label production and flexible packaging in small and medium quantities. In the target markets, we stand out for excellent service, flexibility, reliability and our orientation towards eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. We maintain and promote competitiveness by continuously improving technological processes and developing new products and services.

We demonstrate our excellent business operation with certificates of quality and environmental consideration.

Why choose LabelProfi as a supplier of labels and flexible packaging?

  • Because we always provide excellent services to all our customers.
  • Because the best ratio between price and quality is a part of who we are.
  • Because we are flexible and make a huge effort to adjust our business operation to the needs of our customers.
  • Because we seek to establish long-term cooperation with our customers.
  • Because we have rich experience in the area of label development.
  • Because we use state-of-the-art technologies for the production of labels and flexible packaging.
  • Because we follow global trends in choosing technological processes.
  • Because we use eco-friendly printing technology with appropriate certificates.
  • Because we offer a wide range of 100% ecological materials.
  • Because for us, you are always a priority.


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