Materials and adhesives
Materials and adhesives

Materials and adhesives

Label materials could generally be divided into paper and synthetic materials. We will only describe the most commonly used materials that we always have in stock.

Paper materials include:

  • non-coated paper (for labels that do not require high print quality),
  • coated paper (for quality printed labels),
  • heat-sensitive paper (for reprinting variable data, e.g. declarations, weight labels, etc.),
  • metallised paper (for a special visual effects or as a substitute for gold-printing),
  • black glue paper (to cover incorrect indications on packaging or printed works),
  • special paper (with a special structure or colour shade, e.g. for wine labels).


Synthetic materials include:

  • polypropylene or BOPP (fairly durable, slightly stretchable),
  • metallised BOPP (the same as PP, but useful for special metallic effects, barrier function),
  • polyethylene or LDPE (more stretchable material, welding layer in laminated structure),
  • polyester or PET (highly durable and persistent material, mostly not suitable for welding).


When choosing the implementation of the label, it is very important to determine the right combination of basic material and adhesive.


Adhesive, which is selected depending on the base on which the labels are to be glued, as well as the atmospheric conditions when gluing, storing and using the product, is applied to the base material. With an incorrectly selected type of adhesive, labels may roll up or even come off the base, or it may not be possible to remove it when required.

Adhesives are divided into the following categories:

  • permanent (for normal adhesion to most substrates),
  • extra permanent (where greater bonding strength is required or the substrate is coarser),
  • easily removable (where easy removal of labels is required without leaving a trace of adhesive),
  • for bonding at low temperatures (e.g. for frozen foods),
  • special adhesives (for special bonding or use conditions, e.g. for car tyres).


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