Nutritional supplements
Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements

Our labels and flexible packaging provide a response to the packaging needs of the fast-growing product market for better quality of life.

Our production of labels and pouches is focused on the production of batches for a large number of different brands, personalisation and variations, which is one of the main requirements of the food supplements market. We successfully tackle this challenge with the advantages of digital printing technology, which ensures high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Variable data printing and personalization

Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology enables personalized and variable data printing (serial numbers, personalized barcodes or QR codes, etc.), where the only limits are the dimensions.

Certified processes

Our manufacturing processes comply with numerous quality certificates and rigorous standards in the area of sustainability and environmental and health protection.

State-of-the-art digital technology

The key advantages of digital printing are speed, flexibility and relatively low costs of print preparation.


The optimization of internal business processes enables us to respond to customers' needs in terms of a high degree of flexibility, short delivery times, quality and cost-efficiency.

Labels for food supplements

Thanks to the state-of-the-art digital printing technology, our company can manage a large number of brands and multiple personalisation requirements essential for the market of food supplements. The private labelling service, which is strongly present and established in the market of food supplements, is supported by our state-of-the-art digital label printing technology and our exquisite customer service.

Advantages of digital label printing
  • highest print quality
  • variable data printing
  • quick response – short delivery periods
  • flexibility of manufacture (frequent design changes)
  • personalization
Comprehensive customer service
  • free technical support and consultation
  • availability of information via the Internet and a network of representatives
  • flexibility in terms of delivery
  • short delivery periods
  • cooperation in the development of new products at the request of the customer
Innovative solutions
  • two (or more) layer “peel-off” labels
  • printing of variable data (serial numbers, personalised barcodes or QR codes, etc.)

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Intended for visual recognition of the product.

Flexible packaging for food supplements

The flexible packaging for food supplements that we produce must follow strict standards applicable to food and medicine packaging. In our company, we provide a wide range of the best certified materials for the production of pouches, which ensure the safety and durability of your products for a better quality of life, and, at the same time, add them an attractive design that will help your products stand out in a saturated market of competitive products.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • BRC Packaging
  • FSC
  • 100% Nature-Friendly Colours (FDA Foods Standards)
Various shapes
  • stand-up pouches
  • flat pouches
  • three-side welded bags (for sachets)
  • glossy
  • matte
  • “soft touch” effect
  • different thickness of lamination
Closing options
  • zip closure (open or closed zip)
  • welding
  • welded edge with zip closure (checked tightness)
  • side notches for easier opening
  • hanging hole

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Roll packaging

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We produce digitally printed and fully flexible film from a wide range of packaging materials.

Stand-up pouch

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We guarantee the highest quality printing with a wide range of finishes, reliable and excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Flat pouch

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We guarantee short production time, small batch printing and the possibility of printing variable and personalized content.

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