LabelProfi x SPOOF

LabelProfi x SPOOF

LabelProfi and SPOOF: A Harmony of Taste and Sustainability

Unwrapping the Future of Snacking

LabelProfi is thrilled to unveil the packaging behind SPOOF, the delicious sensation and HIT PRODUCT of 2023 from the innovative platform Štartaj Slovenija. This collaboration marks a meeting point between our passion for excellence in packaging solutions and the ingenious upcycling initiative by Tomaž Cimerman from Kmetija Cimerman.

The Crisp Taste of Innovation

SPOOF represents more than just a snack. It embodies a transformative idea - turning what would be waste into a delightful treat. This ingenuity resonates with LabelProfi's own dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. Our pouches not only preserve the integrity of the snacks but also reflect the tranquil beauty of the Slovenian countryside.

Taste Meets Responsibility

Every crunch of SPOOF is a step forward in a journey towards a greener future. Through our collaboration, we are setting a new standard for how the food industry can incorporate sustainable practices without compromising on taste or quality.

Join the Movement

We at LabelProfi are excited to be part of this journey with SPOOF, and we invite you to join us in celebrating this innovative step forward. By choosing SPOOF, you indulge in a snack that supports sustainable efforts and enjoys the highest standard of packaging excellence that LabelProfi is known for.

As we continue to push the boundaries of packaging technology, we look forward to fostering more partnerships like this one - where the delight of flavors and the care for our planet go hand in hand.

Taste the tradition, experience innovation, and join a movement that's as good for the earth as it is for your palate.