Top 6 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Top 6 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Most UK consumers are concerned about environmental impact. But their practices don't always align with their claims.

So how can businesses ensure that they let that happen? How can they address consumers' demand while adopting a competitive edge?

Your brand's main mission doesn't have to centre on sustainability. But it's crucial to both profits and the environment that your company tries to be more sustainable.

Part of this effort can happen through a switch to sustainable food packaging.

Not convinced yet? Then keep reading to learn about the top six benefits of using eco-friendly food packaging.

1. Incentivizes Customers

UK customers general lack of abidance by their eco-friendly intentions do not make those intentions less pure. The fact of the matter is that consumerism with a lower carbon footprint isn't as accessible. Many strides have been made in terms of sustainable materials and recyclability. Nonetheless, sustainability still is not a dominant norm.

Increasing that access incentivizes consumers to buy from your brand. If your business sells carbonated water, you'll stand out from other competing carbonated water companies by sourcing sustainable packaging materials.

You could even let customers know how eco-friendly their packaging decisions are by printing that fact on their packaging. This will encourage passionate environmentally-conscious consumers to repurchase from your brand.

2. Convenient Disposability

These types of packaging boxes will make customers feel good about adopting an eco-friendly aesthetic. But they're also more practical, at least in terms of disposal.

At the very least, biodegradable packaging is easier to throw away in the trash with no guilt. But they can even dispose of your products' packaging in a compost bin without risking land pollution.

All this can encourage your customers even further to buy from your brand. They can do so with no environmental anxiety and make general waste disposal a much easier job.

3. Positive Branding

Once again, it's great to be eco-friendly whether or not environmental impact is at the forefront of your brand's message. This will secure your customer's positive experience with your brand. It will also modernize your brand's image and set it ahead of your business's industry.

Customers' eco-friendly consciousness is increasing. It only makes sense to meet your consumers' demand and improve your brand's reputation as a result. Doing so can key your customers into your brand's sustainability efforts and give them another great reason to purchase from your brand.

4. Non-Toxicity

Substances like lead, mercury, and other certain chemicals are notorious for being circulated through shipping, particularly with plastic packaging. A lot of progress has been made to reduce this circulation - and with great success. But using eco-friendly materials can cut down on this potential even further.

Plastic packaging may have substances such as phthalates, dioxins, and more. These materials can trigger allergic reactions, particularly for those that are eczema-prone. Not only that, but some of these substances can even stunt learning development.

Again, many shipping/packaging practices have improved to reduce this risk. But many customers are still concerned enough to minimize this risk the best they can, especially parents of babies and young children.

Eco-friendly packaging may be a particularly great option if your brand caters to family-oriented products. But this also makes it one of the best types of food packaging, since non-toxic food consumption is bound to be a concern some customers have.

5. Energy-Efficiency

Eco-friendly packaging is also energy-efficient. That is because the materials are more lightweight, placing a lighter strain on your production process. While one package may not seem like it makes a difference, this effort can accumulate to a ton of savings through your business's utility bills.

This material can also take up less space, using less storage in your packaging facilities. Perks like these can also accumulate to a major cut in business costs by curtailing the need for extra storage space.

All this will also make your products easier to ship. Since weight and volume determine shipping costs, you have even more reason to invest in eco-friendly packaging for financial purposes.

6. Variety

Other types of packaging are the dominant norm. But eco-friendly packaging has improved since its popularization. So if you thought that it only comes in limited, flimsy forms, think again.

Of course, there are indeed very flexible packaging options, such as parchment bags or steam bags. Parchment is paper-based and is generally at the very least, recyclable. Steam bags can also be compostable if made out of biodegradable material.

More rigid packaging is still lighter in weight than alternative, more popular forms of plastic packaging. This is because bio-based polyethylene resin coating is made from sugar cane. This makes the material plant-based, biodegradable, and a safer alternative to other plastics.

All this can provide plenty of strength for your products. The sum of these benefits can lower consumers' and your company's environmental impact.

Stay Ahead of the Industry With Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

As the planet's requirements for sustainability increase, it is time that everyone adapts accordingly. Although making the full push takes time, finally making a switch to eco-friendly food packaging can do wonders for your business. Not only will it lower your brand's environmental impact, but it can also help you cut down on production costs.

At LabelProfi, we're dedicated to providing companies with quality packaging materials. This includes sustainable and eco-friendly materials, of which we have many. So if you're interested in making the switch, send us an inquiry so we can customize to your business's individual needs!