Ecology and sustainability

Ecology and sustainability

Ecology and sustainabilityIn its business operations, LabelProfi tries to keep up with the contemporary progress in the field of sustainable development by implementing fresh and exciting new ideas to our production process. We have already adjusted our label and flexible packaging production to include printing technologies using 100% eco-friendly inks, as well as minimal loss of waste and consumables, thereby lowering the carbon footprint of our products

We try to ration resource consumption on a daily basis by optimizing all of our business processes, from planning to logistics. In this respect, we are doing our very best to keep up with the global trends of reducing the carbon footprint and consumption of material resources.

We are not indifferent to our planet's future and choose to be socially responsible.

Our aspirations towards sustainable label production can be summed up in a few key points:

  • We use 100% eco-friendly inks, which has been certified by several worldwide certification authorities (FDA Food Standards, ROHS, REACH). We have also acquired other certificates, that guarantee the ecological adequacy of our labels and flexible packaging.
  • Our production process is optimized to a degree that enables minimum loss of consumables, irrespective of potential small run printing. We are also very energy efficient, since we consume considerably less energy per printing unit in comparison with conventional printing techniques.
  • Our production takes place in a highly energy efficient facility with minimum heat loss. If necessary, we have the means to harvest heat from our machines, as well.
  • Waste disposal and residues management is also taken care of in a highly efficient fashion.


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