HP Indigo digital printing technology

HP Indigo digital printing technology is considered one of the most sustainable, currently available on the market. It is a completely closed system of ink in cartridges, which do not require the addition of hazardous chemicals or solvents (Voc free), thus reducing the potential risk to the environment.

Because digital printing does not require clichés, it significantly shortens the time and cost of producing the press itself, while saving energy and preserving valuable natural resources. With “on-demand” printing, we print only what is ordered. Such production process greatly rationalizes the use of printed material and minimizes its waste.

HP Indigo colors are simply discolored in the packaging recycling process, meeting the stringent requirements of the Environmental Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) standard. These colors are also biodegradable and can be used for compostable films.

Free of solvents and toxic chemicals. With a minimal environmental footprint.
Short time and cost-effective printing. On-demand printing.

With our HP Indigo digital printing technology, we can:

  • print on both sides and on different materials (paper, PET, BOPP, LDPE…);
  • adjust the print format to meet the technical requirements of the packaging system;
  • print various variable data (numbering, bar or QR codes, etc.) and personalized content directly, without additional preparation and adjustments of technology;
  • ensure high quality prints with a wide color gamut (recommended by leading brands as this technology reaches 97% of the Pantone color spectrum);
  • offer an economically effective, cliché-free printing solution for low and medium print runs;
  • ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly printing (almost no waste material, no solvents and added chemicals, no need for cliché recycling).


Technical specifications:

  • max. print width 740 mm;
  • printing on materials from 12 to 350 µm;
  • HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color printing.

Pack-ready lamination

Pack-ready lamination enables the production of high-quality packaging that can be placed on market very quickly. The lamination process itself does not require the usual polymerization of the adhesive and hardener (usually takes 7-14 days), it does not use solvents, adhesives, polyurethane or ethyl acetate, only pure EVA material. Because EVA resin is contained directly in the material, the weight and thickness of the material remain constant (10 µ), even after the lamination process.

In the lamination process, heat and pressure mechanically combine the primer with the substrate, which creates a high strength of polymer bonds and provides virtually zero drying time.

Pack-ready technology enables fast print, on-demand packaging solutions and fast on market delivery.

The Karlville Pack Ready laminator has a low environmental impact. Working without chemical reactions. No matter and particle migration. Top quality for the protection of food products.

Technical characteristics:

  • the possibility of using different polymer films and lamination;
  • suitable for high quality and high-performance packaging, such as retort (lamination of polymer and metallized film).


To produce high-quality products of flexible packaging we use cutting edge technology. It is a versatile machine that can cut out a wide variety of applications or packaging products.

Technical characteristics:

  • max. speed 500 m/min;
  • the possibility of using different polymer films and lamination.