Quality control

Quality control is an important part of the business process here at LabelProfi. Apart from flexibility and good prices, our customers expect high quality label and flexible packaging production, as well.

Quality control is, therefore, conducted in all phases of the manufacturing process, from start to finish:

  • prepress (files and technical parameters suitability);
  • substrate preparation (suitability of substrates and other materials for the chosen printing technology);
  • printing (matching of the data from previous phases and color matching);
  • finishing (continuation of control from previous phases, tools and other materials check);
  • shipping (general/final quality control, visual adequacy, quantity check, etc.)

We aspire to excellence in all our operations, starting with the quality of our products and their adherence to strict certificates and standards.

Certificates and standards of quality

LabelProfi is known for maintaining high standards throughout its production processes, for which we have acquired various certificates of quality.

ISO 9001 in ISO 14001

We are very careful about dealing with waste and consumable materials, hence keeping the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible. We have confirmed our internal system organization, consistent systematization, responsibility to the environment and traceability in all phases of business processes by receiving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates, to which we are very proud of. 



BRC Packaging technical standard, version 6  

In the beginning of 2020, our company acquired another very important BRC Packaging technical standard, version 6, with the highest A grade for digital printing, lacquering, laminating, hot-foil printing, screen printing, embossing and slitting of paper and plastics for self-adhesive labels on rolls for secondary and technical application; digital printing, thermal laminating and slitting of flexible packaging laminates and films for food contact.

The company respects and meets all the requirements of the BRC Packaging standard and is committed to the highest quality and safety of our products.

With the new version 6, the BRC Packaging standard provides a solid framework that helps produce safe packaging products and manages product quality so that packaging manufacturers meet customer requirements while maintaining product compliance and consumer safety. The emphasis of the requirements of the standard is on the commitment to management and the safety program based on risk analysis and the quality management support system. Finally, the standard promotes greater transparency and traceability of the supply chain in the food industry.

The BRC Packaging version 6 certification is recognized by many brand owners, retailers, and food manufacturers who evaluate the performance of their suppliers.

Forests are the lungs of our planet - LabelProfi obtained the FSC® Chain of Custody (FSC® CoC) certificate

At LabelProfi we are aware that only by working together for sustainable forest management, we will be able to maintain forest biotic balance and leave it to future generations. When we have obtained the FSC® certificate, we showed our commitment to nature and forests, which we are very proud of.

LabelProfi obtained the FSC® Chain of Custody (FSC® CoC) certificate for the production of adhesive labels, certified Mix and FSC® Recycled.

A conscious buyer wants to buy a product with enough evidence (FSC® certification) that the basic material (wood, wood product, paper or paper product) was obtained in a sustainable and responsible way.

FSC® is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that established the first forest management system, namely confirmed the traceability of certified wood or. products FSC® - CoC (trust chain).

100% eco-friendly inks

We have placed special emphasis on sustainability, environmental and health standards, using certified (FDA Foods Standards, ROHS, REACH) 100 % eco-friendly inks.

FDA certifikatROHS certifikatREACH certifikat