Why Is Eco-Friendly Packaging Important?

Why Is Eco-Friendly Packaging Important?

Eco-friendly packaging is a great way to save the environment through your business. This is why choosing a sustainable packing solution is always a great idea.

4.9 pounds of waste ends up in landfills each year per person. With that number in mind, it's no wonder that your business is looking into creating more eco-friendly packaging for your products.

By selecting green packaging, you can ensure that your company is taking the steps it needs to protect the environment from future damage. If you're not sure why eco-friendly packaging is important, continue reading on now.

Why Is It Important?

As we mentioned earlier, by focusing on eco-friendly packaging options, you can help to create a healthier planet. It's important because as time continues, global warming and climate change continue to worsen.

One of the most common signs of global warming is an increase in the overall temperature. Higher temperatures directly affect things like:

  • Water supply
  • The forest
  • Energy
  • Animals
  • The ecosystem

If we don't stop destroying the planet and do something now, there may not be a planet a thousand years from now. When you use eco-friendly packaging, you don't have to worry as much about where your packaging goes once it's time to get tossed out because it won't hurt the environment when it's thrown away.

This type of packaging will decompose into smaller pieces, unlike materials like plastic and rubber that don't breakdown, but find their way into oceans and forests. Not only is it better for your company and cost-effective, but it also serves as a statement.

You're telling the world and other companies in your industry that you're not going to stand by and be a part of the problem. Your company will be a part of the solution and do your part to make the world a better place for everyone on it.

Still not convinced that clean packaging is for you? Here are some of the many advantages you can gain when you start using environmentally friendly product packaging.

Easier to Dispose Of

The packaging industry is worth more than $9 billion, and we don't know about you, but that's a lot of packaging created and used each year. Once the customer receives the packaging, it's thrown into the trashcan to be disposed of.

Although, you might change the type of packaging your company use every now and then, the bottom line is that it will be easier for consumers to dispose of because it can get recycled or composted. If you want, you can work with a label company on your packaging and include a label that lets customers know that the packaging is recyclable.

When they see this sign, they will know that your company is doing what it can to think outside the box when it comes to packaging.

Increased Versatility

Most packaging can't be reused or changed to meet the needs of your company. With eco-friendly packaging, the options are endless, and you can change the packaging as much as you'd like as long as you've got the budget to do so.

Another bonus of the increased versatility of green packaging is that the packaging is designed to be reused. And your packaging can be changed to fit the products that you're placing within the packaging.

Brand Image Improvement

There are tons of consumers that care more about the morals and values that a company has than their actual products. If your company stands for something that consumers don't agree with, the likelihood of them continuing to do business with you is lessened.

Around 34% of people take the time to properly recycle the products they use in their homes. These people and others will care about the packaging your company uses because they care about where it will end up.

Eco-friendly packaging promotes an image that your company does care about more than making money. Over time as word gets out that your company is doing the right thing, you'll begin to see an increase in your company's product sales.

Reduction in Shipping Costs

Did you realize that the cost of shipping directly relates to the type of packaging that you use to ship your products? In 2018, companies spent more than $1.49 trillion in shipping costs.

When you use packaging that's more economically friendly, it will help to reduce the cost you spend on shipping. Being able to save on shipping costs means you can allocate those funds to another area of your company.

Minimizes Your Carbon Footprint

The point of eco-friendly packaging is to do a better job of taking care of the planet. Your company's carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that you release into the environment.

By using clean packaging, you do your part to reduce your company's carbon footprint. Being able to reuse packaging materials means you're conserving the natural resources the planet has to offer, such as trees, water, and materials needed to run packaging machines.

If we take more resources than the other has, it's essentially speeding up the degradation of the planet's health. But, when you conserve resources, you give the planet a chance to replenish itself and flourish.

Increases and Improves Your Target Audience

Your target audience are the consumers that your marketing and packaging is geared towards. Before you began your business, you had to define your target audience.

As your business continued to grow and expand, you began thinking of ways to break into and reach other audience worldwide.

One way to increase and improve the customer base you currently have is to use eco-friendly packaging. The reason for this is there is a higher demand for products and packages that aren't as harsh on the environment.

Consumers want products and packaging that they can reuse and recycle. If you're looking to increase your company revenue, fill the demand that customers seek and give them green packaging.

Where Does Packaging Start?

Packaging starts with selecting the right materials for your packaging design. Ensure that the company you work with offers you several options for eco-friendly choices that you could use for your company's packaging.

Here are some flexible packaging materials that you might want to look into using.

Polymer Films

The advantage to using polymer films is that the options you have when it comes to the material's versatility are endless. It can be shaped into several different sizes to fit the vision you've got for your company packaging.

If you're set on a specific budget, this option will be one of the more cost-effective choices you have, but the packaging is durable. There are four different tops of polymer film materials that are used when packaging, including:

  • Biaxially-oriented polyethylene
  • Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate
  • Biaxially-oriented polypropylene
  • Biaxially-oriented polyamide

Each of these types of materials has its own advantages and specific products that they will work best with.

Cellulosic and Bioplastic Films

This type of material is biodegradable and works well to prevent grease and oxygen from permeating outside of the packaging. However, be aware that if this is the choice you go with, you may want to have the packaging laminated.

This packaging is best used for companies that are shipping food items or working within the food industry. It will help keep the items you're shipping fresh and ready to be eaten by your customers.

Aluminum Foil and Metalized Substrates

This is the best option if you're looking for a barrier for outside factors permeating your packaging, like light and gas. It's also a great option because instead of absorbing heat, it will reflect it.

For example, if you're shipping foods or powders, excessive heat can change the way that your product looks and tastes, leaving customers less than satisfied with what they've received.

Kraft Paper

If you need to use durable material and won't tear, you will want to use Kraft paper. You might use this packaging if the products you're selling and shipping to customers are heavier and could tear through other packaging options.

Whichever option you chose ensure you take the time to speak with a professional about your packaging options.

Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

There are several reasons why your company needs to begin looking into eco-friendly packaging. It not only will help you to save money in shipping costs, but it also shows potential customers that you care about the state of the world and helping to make a difference.

Are you still searching for a company that cares about green packaging as much as you do? If so, stop what you're doing and contact Label Profi Flexible Packaging & Label Solutions.

We can help you go green!