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Our experts review every order to make sure print standards are followed and the best quality of the end product is ensured.

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Innovative solutions, versatile flexibility, excellent service and the use of the most modern technologies.

State-of-the-art technology

Innovative solutions, versatile flexibility, excellent service and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Expert supervision of orders

Consultancy and technical support in the production of labels and packaging represent only a small fraction of our excellent customer services, which include all business processes related to printing and delivery of ordered products.

Certified production

All our business and manufacturing processes comply with numerous quality certificates and rigorous standards in the area of sustainability and environmental and health protection.
ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – FSC – BRC packaging

The best choice for various industries

Innovative solutions, versatile flexibility, excellent service and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

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“We have been successfully cooperating with Labelprofi since 2015. Our experience with the company is excellent thanks to their professionalism and availability to answer our questions at any time. The services provided are prompt and fast while maintaining outstanding quality of products. Our cooperation with Andreja has always been very good. Cooperation in arranging matters is one of the most important factors of successful business cooperation, together with mutual trust. She is very professional and has the ability to understand our needs, therefore the results have always been more than satisfactory. I warmly recommend their services.”
“LabelProfi has become an excellent partner and ally who understands our requirements and high expectations of the cosmetic market. Cosmetic products are not only made of high-quality content but also require aesthetic and attractive packaging with perfected style. Appealing packaging raises the reputation of the brand and promotes the growth of customer loyalty. Based on several years of good cooperation, we can confirm that LabelProfi is distinguished by its professional attitude, proficiency and quick responsiveness. Their innovative solutions give further added value to our cosmetic products.”
Cosmetics Afrodita
“We have been working with LabelProfi since 2012 and we can confirm that we have been extremely satisfied with their incredible accuracy. They have followed practically all of our wishes, taken into account the preferences of our customers and even upgraded our solutions thanks to their experience and professionalism. A good, up-to-date, reliable and innovative supplier such as LabelProfi d.o.o. facilitates a great part of the production process. We greatly appreciate their willingness to develop new products, which has often led to additional investments in new state-of-the-art technological equipment, but significantly improved our competitive advantage in foreign markets. In view of the above we can confirm that according to our internal criteria, LabelProfi deserves the title of the best supplier in the absolute sense.”
Lucifer Chocolate
“Exceptional responsiveness and short implementation time of printing services mean a great deal to us. LabelProfi is a flexible team of young people with strong commercial and technical-advisory support, who are eager to work on success stories. Since we are extremely satisfied with our mutual cooperation, we are pleased to share our business experience with others.”
Miha Kordež, Technical Director of Bio Pak
“We have been working with Labelprofi since 2018 and can only give compliments. Many times our need for labels occurred overnight but the company has never let us down. The employees are very friendly and work with extraordinary swiftness, as regards quality and prices, the products can compete with any other company on the market. Compliments – keep up the good work!”
Hermine Wech

We are trusted by over 1000 companies from different countries and industries!

Personalized packaging and labels

Thanks to state-of-the-art digital technology, we ensure the personalization of packaging and labels in small or large batches.

Fast execution and delivery

Effective work organization based on flexible production planning enables us to maintain a high level of responsiveness and extremely short delivery periods in spite the complexity of orders.

Sustainable production

By using ecologically safe colours and minimal loss of production material, we ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint of our products.