Stand Up Pouches

When you walk down the aisles of the grocery store, what do you notice? Do you see labels and branding, boxes and bags? Do you think about all those different packages, how they work for customers, and how they impact buying decisions for the hundreds of people who walk by them every day?
If you pay attention to these things, you’ve probably noticed a new type of packaging appearing on store shelves: stand up pouches.

What Are Stand Up Pouches?

Before we dive into all the benefits stand up pouches can offer your business, let’s talk some about what they are. As the name suggests, stand up pouches are a form of packaging that can stand up on its own. Although these can come in a variety of different configurations, the most common is a pouch with a gusseted bottom.
Stand up pouches have become something of a trend in the packaging world in recent years and for good reason. They are safer, more sustainable, and more branding-friendly than some other types of packaging. And best of all, consumers love them for the convenience they offer in product use.

Stand up pouches are one of the most popular options for packaging, and it’s easy to see why. Stand up pouches are more accessible for your customers on the go, better for the environment, and more cost-effective. They’re easier to fill, more efficient to ship, and they provide plenty of opportunities for branding and strong visual impact. 


Common Applications

There are several industries that have begun using stand up pouches in recent years, with the most prominent being the food industry. Chances are you’ve already seen these bags on shelves at your local grocery store. They’re popular as a packaging option for everything from rice and grains to apple sauce, coffee, and spices.
You may also have seen stand up pouches being used for confectionery products, especially icing products that make cake decorating a cinch. The pharmaceutical industry has embraced this packaging for certain powder-based products. And some gardening industries have also begun using stand up pouches to package fertilizer, soil additives, and more.

Package Structure Options 

When many of us think of stand up pouches, we picture a foil-based bag that is sealed on two sides with a closure or spout on the top and a gusset on the bottom. But this is far from the only option for stand up pouches. There are several other standard options and, if none of those suit your needs, you can get custom-cut stand up pouches made.

One of the more common stand up pouch alternatives is the quad-sealed pouch, which replaces the standard side seals with two additional gussets to create extra space inside the pouch. You can also get the very similar box pouch, which provides some additional stability. And within the standard single-gusset pouch, you can find a variety of configurations that can give you the specific structure you need for your package.


One of the biggest benefits stand up pouches offer is versatility in packaging. With the right structure, stand up pouches can hold almost anything you need them to. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another packaging option that can transport rice and salt as easily as shampoo, dog treats, toys, and cleaning powders.
This versatility makes stand up pouches a fantastic option for companies who may be involved in more than one manufacturing niche. Because you can use the same package to hold a number of different products, you can take advantage of economies of scale in product ordering. Some companies will even allow you to place bulk orders that use different artwork on your stand up pouches.


The recent headlines about the dangers of climate change have left many people concerned about the impact we’re having on our planet. Customers are looking for products that help to avoid depleting our natural resources. And likewise, businesses are finding new ways to reduce their environmental impact, especially when it comes to manufacturing and packaging.
You might be surprised to learn that stand up pouches are among the most sustainable options for packaging today. For one thing, you can pack more of them in a box together, which can reduce the number of resources required to ship them. But they also take fewer resources to produce, as well as to fill, helping to reduce your environmental impact.


These days, we all live our lives on the go, and customers are looking for products that can move with them. No one has time anymore to sit down and deal with the hassle of a box that won’t stay closed no matter how hard you push on the tab. We also don’t have patience for digging through a drawer to find a clip to shove on a floppy plastic bag that will inevitably come open and spill baby carrots all over our car.
Stand up pouches solve all of these problems by creating a clean, portable solution that’s easy for customers to use. Because they stand up on their own, you can set them down anywhere you go. You can even hand a child a stand up pouch of apple sauce without fear of a mess, thanks to the variety of closure options for these bags.

Feature Options

 As a business owner, you want solutions thatare custom-tailored to your business needs. One-size-fits-all packaging solutions can reduce your efficiency, increase your costs, and leave you trying to MacGyver packaging you’re already paying good money for. Stand up pouches have enough feature options to guarantee you can get exactly the solution you need, no creative problem solving is required.

For a start, you can get a variety of different closures for stand up pouches, ranging from zippers to Velcro-like closures to twist-cap pour spouts. You can add a hang hole to allow your packaging to be displayed in a variety of different store locations. Tear notches can also make your product simple for your customers to use without having to break out their trusty Swiss Army knife.

Product Safety

When you’re deciding how to package a product, one of the biggest factors you have to consider is product safety. The shipping process can be rough, and the last thing you want is for your products to arrive damaged and destroyed. You need a package that will both contain the product you’re shipping and stand up to the rigours of the transportation process.

Stand up packaging excels in this area, providing a nearly-indestructible option for non-fragile items. Of course, these packages get smashed and tossed around during the shipping process. But thanks to their sturdy seals and durable material, they aren’t subject to the same risk of tearing or bursting as other plastic bags.

Packaging Efficiency

We mentioned earlier that stand up pouches can help to make your shipping process more efficient. When you’re packing jars, you can’t pack them all flush together, so you lose a lot of space in your cargo vehicles to empty air. Boxes help to solve this problem to a degree, but they can’t compress, and plastic bags are impossible to stack neatly. 

Stand up pouches are one of the best ways to achieve maximum efficiency in your shipping process. You can stack them together without fear of them getting squashed or damaged. They provide the perfect balance between the structure of a box or jar and the flexibility of plastic bags.

Ease of Transportation 

In addition to making your shipping process more efficient, stand up pouches can also make work easier for your shipping team. Let’s say, for instance, that you sell pickles in a 16-ounce glass jar. That jar will weigh a little over half a pound completely empty, which means that if you ship just 500 jars, you’re adding more than 250 pounds of extra weight to your shipment. 

On the other hand, a stand up pouch will weigh only a handful of grams empty, making your shipment drastically lighter. Your crew will have an easier time moving boxes, and you can even pack more pouches into larger boxes without exceeding weight limits. And don’t worry – these pouches can keep your pickles and their juice well-contained throughout the shipping process.

Lower Costs

And now comes the magic words all entrepreneurs love to hear: lower costs. You might be surprised to learn that using stand up packages can actually help to lower your packaging and shipping costs and save your company money. This is due in part to the impact on your shipping process that we’ve already discussed. 

Stand up pouches also cost much less per unit than rigid packing or folding cartons. In addition to the material costs, you can also save on packaging labour costs. Stand up pouches don’t have to be assembled, so you can cut expenses in every part of your shipping process just by making this simple switch.

Shelf Impact 

One of the other major factors you have to consider when selecting packaging is the visual impact it will have when it’s sitting on the shelf. Your average grocery store carries more than 28,000 different items. This means that your product will have to compete against all 28,000 other things for customers’ attention and money.

Stand up pouches give you more options for creating eye-catching package designs that will pique customers’ interest. For one thing, the custom-cut options for these packages can give you some interesting opportunities to create packaging that stands out. The structure of these packages also helps to guarantee that they’ll stand up on a shelf, giving you a much better shot at attracting customers than soft bags or small boxes.

Branding Options

The other key to attracting customer attention is having strong branding for your product. This helps to foster customer loyalty and gives people a familiar “face” to look for when they’re scanning the shelves. It also helps to give your brand a public persona that can draw in new customers when they recognize it from your marketing campaigns. 

Stand up pouches give you a ton of fantastic options in terms of branding opportunities. Because you can print on the entire bag, you have plenty of room for your company to leave its mark. You can even get creative with the function of the packaging and your branding – for instance, making the spout on an applesauce packet look like the stem of the apple in your brand logo.

Range of Sizes 

One of the most important qualities for any good packaging to have is a range of available sizes. You need to make the most of both your shelf space and your shipping capacity. This means not wasting excess packaging space with pouches that don’t fit your products.

Luckily, stand up pouches are among the most versatile packaging options when it comes to sizing. Some companies offer ten or more different pouch sizes ranging from an inch and a half high to a foot tall or more. You can also arrange the ratio of your package size however you need to best accommodate your products. 

Learn More About Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are one of the most popular options for packaging, and it’s easy to see why. Stand up pouches are more accessible for your customers on the go, better for the environment, and more cost-effective. They’re easier to fill, more efficient to ship, and they provide plenty of opportunities for branding and strong visual impact.

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