Selection of high quality cost-effective labels for designating quality standards with the possibility of variable data printing in different technologies.

Quality standard labels

In the field of quality control, companies often use labels to designate the status of a product or to transfer information on subsequent proceedings.

LabelProfi offers a wide range of predesigned labels for this kind of product designation; we will, however, be just as glad to help you with the development and introduction of new types of quality standard labels.

We can offer you variable data printing in different technologies and use of various substrate-adhesive combinations to ensure successful application of the labels to different surfaces in all kinds of climatic circumstances.

For quality standard designation, we offer labels for output, adequacy and production phase designation, as well as overprint and marking labels.

Key advantages

  • Highest printing quality - better than flexographic printing
  • Excellent price for small and medium runs
  • Simple ordering
  • Flexibility of production, even with frequent design changes
  • Variable data printing, only limited by the size of the label
  • High responsiveness - short delivery times
  • Small and medium runs with a lot of different types of labels
  • Sample print runs for later large-scale production
  • Possibility of dynamic positioning of your product(s) on the market
  • Possibility of our designers' support in development of your product's new visual image