Production optimization

Production optimization

In the last few years LabelProfi has acquired quite a few demanding customers. Consequently, we are often faced with difficult jobs that require simultaneous management of a large number of SKUs. However, with efficient internal organization, leaning on flexible production planning, we have been able to maintain very short delivery times despite the increasing complexity of our customers' orders.

In 2015, we have gone even further in terms of business/production optimization by implementing the most up-to-date optimization tools in the branch of production printing. We started using two of the market leading pieces of narrow-web programming equipment: CERM MIS for production and administration optimization and ESKO Automation engine for prepress operations. Both systems are interconnected and directly linked to our presses and finishing machines, which enables us to fully utilize our production capabilities.


LabelProfi's optimization efforts have been especially effective in two fields. Firstly, it has boosted the quality of our label production, since the aforementioned equipment also serves as a comprehensive quality control tool throughout the whole production process (from prepress to logistics). The standards we have put in place were the basis for obtaining quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Apart from quality, business/production optimization has also paid off in the form of higher responsiveness and further shortening of our delivery times, which is crucial in almost all industrial branches in this day and age.

Production optimization means shorter delivery times!