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100% copostable films for flexible packaging

100% copostable films for flexible packaging
The vast majority of packaging materials have long been made from plastics, and this reliance on synthetic polymers has led to serious ecological problems. Plastics are major pollutants, and it can take up to 1000 years for plastic to biodegrade. This adverse environmental impact increases awareness among brands and customers about the importance of sustainable packaging.

Customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability. The researches show that especially millennials are likely to pay a premium for sustainable products. This indicates that customers will be more likely to buy products when their packaging and business recycling policies reflect their values.
At LabelProfi we offer you eco-friendly packaging solutions that are not only biodegradable but even compostable. After the use, the packaging can be simply disposed of in a home or industrial composter. All biodegradable materials are certified by TÜV Austria.
Nature-friendly eco-packaging films and laminates come in a variety of applications, including flow packs, stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and even sachets. Bags are printed with biodegradable colors with the latest digital printing technology excellent for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact. These eco-friendly packaging solutions provide high moisture and oxygen barriers to maintain food’s freshness and longer shelf-life. Quality products come in great packaging! This unforgettably tasty Hrib´s big pack nutsnacks (3 in 1) are exactly what I am talking about – an excellent product in completely sustainable packaging.

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