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Pouches for cosmetics industry

Pouches for cosmetics industry
In pouches, you can pack practically everything that comes from the world of the cosmetics industry: hand cream, sunscreen, shampoos, re-fill contents, including lipsticks, liquid foundation, testers, even perfumes.

At LabelProfi, we offer you professional assistance when choosing suitable materials for your packaging solutions. Our packaging is tailored to your needs and wishes. You can choose between different shapes, sizes, quantities, closures (zip, welded), and a variety of desired outer surfaces (matt, gloss, soft-touch, paper-touch).

With the latest digital printing technology, we can offer the personalization of bags and printing of variable data (QR or bar codes, addresses, serial numbers, etc.).

For Dutch cosmetics company D-Skin, we produce three-layer metalized doy-pack bags. Pouches have high barrier properties, especially for water vapor and oxygen. In bags is packed collagen tea that stimulates collagen production for smoother and tighter skin. Doy-packs are equipped with zip closure and side notches for easier opening.

We test all our bags in a vacuum, thus ensuring complete sealing, for which we also issue a certificate to customers at their request.

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