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8 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging for Beverage Businesses

8 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging for Beverage Businesses
If you want more efficient packaging for your products, going green can help. Here are the benefits of eco-friendly packaging for beverage businesses.

The green packaging industry is expected to grow at around 6% year upon year in the near future. This is fuelled by a consumer desire to purchase from companies that are actively trying to take environmental responsibility. As the owner of a beverage business, do you know how to have a positive impact while increasing profit?

One way is to change your packing to suit this new direction. Read on as we give 8 benefits of eco-friendly packaging. 

1. Reduces Carbon Footprints

If your product packaging options come from recycled materials, then you can expect your carbon footprint to reduce greatly. The carbon footprint is a measurement of the environmental impact a product has. It includes how much energy in making and transporting the packaging to you, and its disposal afterwards, get used.

There are a number of environmentally friendly options you can use. Bamboo is a great natural material, that if FSC approved, will get replanted when used. When these products grow, they actually draw harmful carbon out of the environment. 

2. Improve Brand Awareness


When your company uses sustainable product packaging options, it shows that you care about the environment. Your company then has an image of responsibility. This makes people more likely to do business with you. 

This is important if you are a business in the hospitality industry offering takeaway services. Even with your best efforts, it is inevitable that littering of your products will occur. That makes it even more vital that people see you are taking steps to reduce the impact this has. 

3. Limit Municipal Waste

Plastic packaging goes nowhere. It does not degrade, and so ends up in landfill sites or at worst, the ocean. This contributes to the damage that is being done to wildlife and ecosystems around the world. 

When you use recyclable product packaging, it does not linger anywhere. It does not need to go to a landfill and take up space. Instead, it can be composted or turned into another product. 

4. Easily Disposed

In fact, this type of waste is much easier to dispose of. On a small level, you may have people in the company that have a garden or land. They can take the materials and compost them, or they can be taken to a local farm that does the same. 

Even if you are in a city, then you should have a recycling program in place. Collections are as easy to implement as regular trash collections. Speak with a local state body on how to arrange this if you do not already. 

5. Versatility

Sustainable packaging can be created for almost any product you wish. As someone working in the beverage industry, you may think you only need to have cups with branding on them. However, as you grow, you may also need packaging for a number of add on products, mainly snacks, and confectionery. 

Luckily, this packaging is so versatile it can easily be done. You can also get a number of added products, such as heat shields for beverages and tops to stop spillages. These will also be affordable as well as versatile. 

You can also tie all of this in with your packaging and branding. There are lots of colours, designs and unique shapes you can get your packaging to come in.

6. Follows the Three R Rule

The three R's rule includes reducing, reusing, and recycling. The sustainable packaging you use should be able to conform to all of these.

Reducing is the commitment to using fewer materials. This generally means ones that are thinner but tougher. It makes them more durable but with fewer resources in their makeup. 

The second is reusable. This is the drive to make a product that does not get disposed of immediately. In the beverage industry, these may be cartons and cups that are reusable. 

Finally, sustainable packaging should be recyclable. It should be easy to do and the package should have this information included. This can also help minimize the impact of price increases, as costs for packaging the product get reduced.

7. Brings New Customers


Consumers are now more ecologically aware. That means many people will go out and search for products that do not damage, or ones that help, the environment. This can be a huge boost for companies. 

You may find people outside of your general demographic begin to buy your products. Previously, products based on environmental concerns may have attracted younger customers. However, more age groups are now aware and you will find a host of new people coming to buy your product. 

8. Reduces Costs

One of the most business-centric reasons to use this packaging is that the right sustainable packaging can reduce your business costs. The use of fewer raw materials means you will be using less and the cost involved in transporting materials will be lower. All of this will have a knock-on impact on the price of the final product. 

This means shipping, infrastructure and production costs will be depleted. Traditional plastics are still not expensive, but this will change in the future. However, recyclable products are now dropping in price and becoming more of a viable alternative. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

You now know the many benefits of eco-friendly packaging. All you have to do is implement the change. This does not have to be done overnight, but can be introduced to a number of product lines in a phased entry. 

For your product needs, LabelProfi should be your first stop. We have a number of flexible packaging solutions for a wide range of products. Contact us here to discuss your needs and let us help you on the road to sustainability.


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