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Everything to Consider When Designing House Appliance Labels

Everything to Consider When Designing House Appliance Labels
If you want your house appliance products to have unique labels, this guide can help. Here is what to consider when designing house appliance labels.

Did you know that labelling household appliances helps buyers get items that consume about 30% less energy? As a manufacturer, it’s vital to ensure you label your products well for consumers.

This measure directs them on how to use the device and take the necessary precautions. Proper labelling also makes your items more attractive, which can increase sales.

While this process has many benefits, determining the most suitable house appliance labels to use can be tricky. Here, we provide the ultimate guideline for designing these stickers. We'll also discuss some aspects to make your labels unique and attractive, while providing the needed information.

1. Size

One crucial aspect to consider when creating labels for house appliances is the size. A sticker that is suitable for a washing machine may be too large for a microwave. On the other hand, using a large one on a small device may make it look unappealing.

When designing labels, it's good first to determine the dimensions of each appliance. After that, confirm how many stickers you are going to place on the surface. In most cases, you will need one for the warranty, and another one providing safety and usage instructions.

Depending on the product label details you want to include, you can design one giant sticker with all the information. Alternatively, create about two or three labels and place them strategically on the appliance. Still, it’s crucial to ensure that the most critical details are on the front part.

Considering the placement for product labels when picking the sticker size helps you plan. Once you determine the information to prioritize, you'll know how to share the space available.

2. Colours


The colours you select for your appliance labels can determine if a customer finds your product attractive. Hence, it's vital to decide the shades you want on the sticker during the designing process.

One aspect you should look at is the colour of your appliance. The shade you select for the stickers should match the one on the machine.

For example, if it is grey, choose bright appliance label colours to draw more attention. On the other hand, if the device is conspicuous, pick labels with neutral shades.

Going for colours that complement each other prevents your product from losing its visual appeal. It also makes the description more captivating, prompting users to read it.

Each brand has specific colours that represent its image, culture, or objectives. When designing stickers for your house appliance, you should ensure they reflect your company.

If possible, use the primary colour in the background of your sticker. You can then include the other shades on the borders or in writing.

3. Font

Just like colours, fonts on labels should make your house appliances stand out from your competitors. Using signature calligraphy can help your customers easily identify your products, even before they see your logo. It also simplifies introducing new products into the market by making them recognizable.

Are you wondering about the most suitable font for your appliance labels? The best strategy to ensure you pick the best option is avoiding common fonts. Such include Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial. Instead, go for those that give the product a personality and make it more attractive.

While picking a highly graphic font may be tempting, it is crucial also to consider its readability. Ensure that users can view the letters from about half a metre without straining.

Besides, confirm that each character is distinguishable. This way, the users can easily read the label at first glance, without confusing one letter with another.

4. Company Name

When creating a house appliance label, consider the name of your company and product. A good sticker is one that clearly shows these details from a distance. The letters should also be legible and highly conspicuous, among other items.

If you make several products, it’s advisable to make sure your labels are consistent. You can do this by using the same colour to write the company's name on all tags. Further, choose a uniform font style and change the size depending on the size of the sticker or product.

5. Material

Some house appliances, especially those used in the kitchen and laundry, come into contact with varying conditions. As a result, the labels on them may peel off or get loose with time.

When designing stickers for house appliances, consider the material. If you create a label that the user may remove, ensure it doesn't leave a trace. However, when designing those for warranties and safety instructions, ensure they are durable.

By doing this, you can prevent them from peeling off easily when scratched or pulled. This measure also protects the sticker from damage caused by heat.

Another vital thing to be keen on when choosing a material for labels is whether it's waterproof. An ideal option shouldn't absorb water or wrinkle. The type of adhesive used should also be waterproof to prevent the sticker from detaching.

6. Print Quality


Have you ever used a product whose label fades after some time? The reason writing on stickers fades or gets less visible is poor quality print material and ink. While you can't prevent stickers from fading when exposed to sunlight for long, you can boost their durability.

The best way to ensure your labels continue providing the user with essential information is by picking high-quality print material. If you aren't sure about the best option, consult with a company that designs and prints product stickers.

With their help, you can identify the best material and get house appliance label ideas. Taking this step can also increase customer satisfaction and help you avoid spending money on low-quality labels.

Get the Best House Appliance Labels

Determining the best house appliance label for your brand can be challenging. At LabelProfi, we can help you design and print the best stickers for all your products. The material we use is high quality, then resistant to cleaning fluids, water, and alcohol.

Since we offer flexible services, you can rely on us even with a short delivery time. Send an inquiry today to start designing the best house appliance labels.

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