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Modern Food Packaging Design Ideas and Examples

Modern Food Packaging Design Ideas and Examples
It's never a good idea to have dull and forgettable food packaging design if you're trying to succeed with your business. Learn more.

The first thing that designers learn in school is that everything that wasn't made by nature was designed. Look around you. If you're indoors, there's a high chance that everything in the room you're in was thought out by humans at some point. 

Many people don't think about food packing design. They simply pick out their food thinking, only thinking about its taste and nutritional value. However, aesthetics and design influence decisions far more than the common consumer realize. 

This article will walk you through modern food packaging design ideas, different types of food packaging, and the benefits that they can have. 


Bold and Modernist Fonts

While old-school staples of food can get away with a  classic and retro font, (Aunt Jemima, Pillsbury, and Ben & Jerry's come to mind), you'll do best to come out with a bold font 

Fonts are incredibly important, though few people think about them. By definition, they're the set of types determined by shape, face, and size.

Language informs the way that our brain thinks. The way our letters are shaped, informs the way our language is read. By making use of the right font, you can essentially hack your customer's brains into becoming interested in your product. 

The fact is, fonts evoke emotion and thought. That's why different fonts are used for different books. It's some people's whole career to design fonts for certain projects. 

A great example of a company that made use of a bold font to rise in popularity is Cafe Bustelo. 

How Cafe Bustelo Made Use of Modernism

Cafe Bustelo is over 100 years old — but so is modernism. Modernism is founded on Cezanne's multiple perspectives, Picasso's daring shapes, and Ezra Pound's call to constantly make it new. And when Spanish immigrant Gregorio Bustelo went into America. 

While Bustelo provides a high-quality coffee product, no doubt what made it sound out from the rest of the good coffee grounds in America was the unique packaging. The stark, modernist yellow, combined with the unique, iconic, urban font worked together to make Cafe Bustello a success. 

It's extremely easy to spot Cafe Bustell on the shelf next to other, more bland coffee brand designs such as Maxwell House and Folgers. This design effect let a popular coffee brand become an important cultural landmark. In the '90s and early 2000s, Cafe Bustelo gained prominence among New York Hipsters, even getting a reference in the popular musical "Rent". 

Now just imagine how great that hipster appeal would have been in 2021. With the presence of the internet and social media, that trend could have quickly grown out of NYC, and become a nationwide phenomenon. 

Give yourself a fantastic font on your label, and you're sure to shine.

Dynamic Colors


But the font wasn't all that made the Cafe Bustelo look fantastic. The distinct, bold shade of yellow catches the eye just as easily. 

Colour is another thing that people forget about. Beyond having a favourite colour as a child, painting their houses, and putting on clothing, most people don't think about colour in their daily lives. But as the manufacturer of a food product, you'd do well to consider colour a priority in your design. 

A perfect example of this is Oreos. Oreos electric-blue packaging might not relate to the product all that much, but it's instantly recognizable. When you see that shade of blue, your mind immediately jumps to Oreos. 

The blue packaging also helps them to introduce new products. Oreos have several products which break the blue design to introduce an element of red or blonde. These let you know that the product inside is going to be unique.

Make sure you put as much thought into the colour of your packaging as you do the rest of your design. 

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is packaging made of materials that can easily change shape. It's less expensive than rigid packaging, possesses high durability, increases shelf life, making it an excellent option for any small business. 

With flexible packaging, it's incredibly easy to adapt and shift your packaging to your individual product. If you're trying to get your customers to recognize the unique shape and feel of your product, you can't go wrong with flexible packaging. 

Chips — such as Lays — are common examples of flexible packaging materials. Flexible packaging is commonly associated with the supermarket and can lend your product legitimacy. 

Flexible packing is also very sustainable. This is important for the contemporary age. Speaking of which. . . 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

It's more important than ever to work as a source of good for the world. 

In the last century, companies didn't have to worry about what people thought of their ecological aspirations. Companies were hidden behind a slick corporate veneer. Most people had to go to large, generalized stores to buy their products. 

All that has changed in the 21st century. Now, with the rise of the internet, people are well aware that businesses are made of people.  

People are more likely to shop with a brand that they believe is sustainable. This isn't just bleeding-heart liberalism. If a brand is sustainable, they're far more likely to stay around in the future. 

In the 21st century, people don't just want good products, they want good corporate citizens. Eco-friendly packaging helps consumers feel good about their spending habits. They can have your delicious product while also not worrying so much about their carbon footprint. 

Understand Food Packaging Design


Creating a great food product is about a lot more than nutrition and taste. Many people follow the old adage — you are what you eat. The way people perceive products and the effects that they can have on them is vastly influenced by the packaging. 

Make use of a bold modernist font, distinct colours, flexible packaging, and eco-friendly materials to give your product the boost it needs to succeed.

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