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12 Label Design Trends to Follow in 2021

12 Label Design Trends to Follow in 2021
Are you looking to update your current label design but don't know where to begin? Here are a few of 2021's top label design trends so far.

Nearly 90% of marketers say their main goal is generating brand awareness. With eye-catching labels, you can draw in customers. You can boost awareness, remain memorable, and start generating more sales as a result.

In fact, steady brand promotion leads to a 23% increase in revenue. 

Don't let a bland label cost you customers! Instead, use these top label design trends for 2021. Following these design trends can set you apart from the competition.

Your eye-catching labels could give your business the boost it needs. Set your branding up for success with these design trends today.  

1. Authentic Vintage


Take your customers back in time! Authentic vintage-inspired packaging can set your labels apart on a shelf. Try to give your packaging an authentic, old-school look and feel.

You could create a more immersive experience for customers as a result.

Draw inspiration from authentic vintage packaging. More companies are creating label designs that look indistinguishable from true, authentic labels. 

The authenticity can spark feelings of nostalgia in older customers. Meanwhile, younger customers will like the old-school appearance.

Try to use vintage-inspired materials, bottle shapes, imagery, and outer packaging, too. You can create an entire brand experience inspired by retro designs. The product will look and feel like it was pulled from a shelf in the past.

Using vintage design trends can remind consumers of their old selves. You can leverage that emotional impact to boost sales. Sparking past memories and nostalgia could create a sense of satisfaction, too.

2. Product Reveals

It takes only 10 seconds for someone to form an impression of your brand. Creative product reveals could help you make a lasting impression.

For example, you can match intricate patterns and illustrations to hint at what's inside the package. Die-cuts can give consumers a peek at what's inside, too. 

Consider using a neatly structured layout within your designs as well. Removing clutter from your designs can help consumers focus on the product itself.

3. Die-Cut Labels

Die-cutting is a process that cuts label materials into shapes required for the design. 

Using die-cuts could help you show off your products with clear packaging. Consumers will have a clear view through the packaging if there isn't an obstructive label. Displaying the product and a label design could help you make a stronger impact.

You can also create fun shapes with your die-cut labels. You're no longer limited to using basic rectangle panels anymore!

You can choose a label design service to help you create custom die-cuts for each product. If you have products of different sizes, having the right packaging can make a difference. 

Using die-cut labels could help your products stand out on the shelf. You can use interesting patterns, humorous shapes, or mimic your brand's logo.

4. Storytelling Illustrations


It takes an average of six impressions for people to remember a brand. When designing a label, it's important your designs are distinct. Otherwise, you could fail to leave a lasting impression on customers.

They won't remember who you are, what you do, or what you can offer.

Instead, consider working with a label design company. They can help you bring these label design trends to life. At the same time, they'll make sure your labels stay true to your brand. 

For example, do you feature illustrations throughout your branding? You can use illustrations to tell a story. Stories are memorable, which could help you leave a lasting impression on customers.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! You can use illustrations to send a message and appeal to your target audience. Use pictures to tell a meaningful, captivating story that suits your brand.

Some companies use characters within their branding. Others use familiar imagery to draw on familiar emotions.

Consumers will feel like your brand speaks to them. You could boost sales as a result. 

5. Repeated Patterns

Consider your company's overall brand. What images and patterns suit your business? You can use repeated patterns to connect your products.

For example, you can use repeated patterns when designing a label. Make sure the patterns you use are distinct and eye-catching. Here are a few tips for creating eye-catching beverage labels.

You can differentiate different products by using the same pattern, but different colors. Adjusting the color scheme can elevate your brand. At the same time, you can maintain brand consistency.

Brand consistency can help you boost brand recognition. The next time consumers need your product or service, they'll remember your label design. Then, they'll choose your business before thinking of anyone else's.

You might want to consider using simplistic yet bold geometric concepts when working with your label design company instead. Neat lines and sharp angles, matched with expressive colors, can draw the consumer's eyes. 

You can also use creatively shaped labels to give consumers a peek into what's inside the product.

You can use this trend to make a statement and leave a lasting impression on customers.

6. Ink Drawings

As you review these 2021 label design trends, look for ways to break away from commercial graphic design. Instead, use imagery that makes your labels look like art. For example, you can use technical and anatomical ink drawings on your labels. 

Detailed sketching and anatomical ink drawings can have a bigger impact on customers. Smaller details can bring your designs to life.

Designs that look like they were sketched by hand can help your designs stand out on a shelf.

7. Solid All-Over Color

Different colors can have a psychological impact on shoppers. For example, we usually associate green with life, growth, money, and healing. Blue is associated with confidence, stability, and peace.

Red, on the other hand, is connected with passion, daring, and romance.

Take the time to consider your brand's color palette. Then, choose colors that can help benefit your marketing strategy. Remember, having an emotional impact on customers could draw them in.

You might even influence buying decisions. 

Your color scheme could help your products stand out. Consider using solid all-over color designs. Using a single color (paired with white or black) can have a big impact.

Try to use bright, bold colors. The loud, in-your-face hues can draw the buyer's eye.

As you follow these label design trends, make sure the text you use is easy to read. Consumers shouldn't have to squint to read the text. Otherwise, they might struggle to grasp your messaging.

Make sure to consider font colors, too. Choose a font color that has intensity and contrasts with the background. 

8. Organically-Shaped Color Blocking


Talk to your label design company about color blocking. You can use spirals, dips, and other designs to separate different colors. You can also feature textures and unique color combinations with each label design.

You don't have to use straight-edged boxes of color anymore. Instead, try designs that look unbalanced, freckled, and uneven. The designs will feel real and organic. 

9. Fine Art

In 2021, more label designs are looking like pieces of art rather than computer-generated creations. Drawing inspiration from fine art could help your products look more high-end.

You can draw inspiration from paint textures and real paintings. Integrating these into your labels with a twist will blur the light between art and packaging. Your packages will look unique and eye-catching as a result.

For example, you can play with textures to emulate the effect you would see on a dried oil painting. 

10. Detailed Maximalism

Customers are looking for a sense of opulence and luxury from the products they choose. With that in mind, consider using detailed maximalism design trends. 

For example, you can use attention-grabbing, bold colors. Heavier designs featuring rich patterns can set your products apart, too. You can use detailed graphics to create a high-end experience for your customers.

Consider using symmetry within your designs, too. Perfect symmetry can ground customers, even with intricate designs.

Incorporate negative space within the design to give the label a clean-cut look.

11. Eco-Friendly Looks

As more people become health- and earth-conscious, more businesses are going green. You can use the same trend when updating your label designs. 

For example, you can use repurposed or recycled paper. Consider using all-natural dyes for your labels, too. Otherwise, try using degradable cellulose packaging foil.

You can give your products a green look and make an earth-conscious design. 

12. Bold Product Names

Let your products speak for themselves. If you're not interested in intricate illustrations, make the product name the star. You can use creating lettering to help the product name stand out.

The name itself can look like a work of art. You could give your label design more personality as a result.

Focusing on the product's name can help you boost brand awareness.

Work with your label design company to play with the typography. They can ensure the product name carries the brand's entire aesthetic.

Design It Right: 12 Label Design Trends for Eye-Catching Prints in 2021

Your label design could have a lasting impact on customers. As you update your labels, keep these 12 label design trends in mind. With an experienced label design company, you can create eye-catching labels designed to help you boost sales.

Ready to discover your new label? We're here to help!

Contact us today for creative label solutions.


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