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The winning products in LabelProfi flexible packaging

The winning products in LabelProfi flexible packaging
We look forward to the success of our customers! We are proud of the outstanding achievements of ProMeat d.o.o. at the AGRA 2021 Agricultural and Food Fair. With the top product BEEF JERKY, our business partner received one gold and one silver medal, and one more gold medal for the product BBQ PULLED PORK.

All of Divjak's award-winning top-quality meat products are packaged in our flexible packaging. Packaging vacuum bags are made of mono barrier PP material, which can be recycled after use and are currently the only recyclable vacuum bags on the Slovenian market.


The packaging material is distinguished by excellent barrier properties, which protects the packaged products from the intrusion of oxygen and water vapor, thus providing them with long-lasting freshness, while maintaining their rich aroma. The packaging, with its velvety surface, also offers the user a pleasant "touch" experience. The sachet-shaped bags have a convenient hanging slot and original digitally printed graphics.

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