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11 Food Industry Trends to Chow Down on in 2021

11 Food Industry Trends to Chow Down on in 2021
Food trends come and go so quickly it can be hard to keep up. Do you remember in 2020, when CBD/cannabis-infused drinks was as one of the most popular food trends? About every restaurant incorporated a fun and flirty CBD-infused cocktail to their menu. Not only did it boost sales, but it explored the ways CBD could be used. But now, as a new year lies ahead, what are the food trends that await us in 2021? Don't worry, with this guide; you can find out!

From plant-based foods to ultimate transparency, you can learn how to increase your sales with these ultimate food trends. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here's an in-depth look at trends in the food industry: 




1. Plant-Based Foods  

Food Industry Trends

Over 9.7 million people have turned to plant-based food products. After all, veganism has surged due to social concerns that animals are being unfairly treated. 

To eradicate concerns, companies are beginning to create foods and beverages alike that are comprised by plant-based ingredients instead of products from a living animal. For example, products like rice milk, plant-based meat, and oat milk ice cream are just the beginning. 

In fact, plant-based products are so in demand, they've been requested in popular fast-food restaurants and casual dining spots. Companies like Burger King, Starbucks, and other popular establishments have recently added plant-based products to their menu. 

However, plant-based products don't seem to be ending soon. There are numerous organizations and companies dedicated to increasing plant-based product consumption. Thus, to increase customer satisfaction, many restaurants are placing plant-based items on their menu. 

2. Cashless Restaurants 

Restaurants have started phasing out cash payments. Not only does it save time, but it reduces handling errors and the possibility of theft. 

Not to mention it's cleaner and provides the restaurant with instant liquidity. In fact, by slowly phasing out cash, the industry steadily progresses towards simplified payments. 

Apps like google pay, apple pay, pay pal wallet are just a few examples. 

After all, apps like these allow you to pay with ease, offering a smooth transaction experience. Since they also showcase your balance, transaction history and are protected with up-to-date security protocols, they've become increasingly popular. To keep up the demands for simpler payment, restaurants should continue to include new payment options. 

3. One Shop Delicacy

This food trend is oddly specific. It refers to trendy niche shops; you know the ones, they're the popularized shops that sell one particular type of item- for example, fancy donuts, crazy pies, or huge burgers. 

These types of shops often get popular because of social media apps like Instagram, tik tok, or Twitter. These places often showcase the chef's skills at making the item or the uniqueness of the item. Since they build a following off of social media, they have a solid reputation for creating spectacular and tasty treats. 

Due to their reputation, many people flock to their restaurants to get a slice of their highly requested treats. Unlike other restaurants or establishments where they have a variety of savory and sweet meals, this shop is known for one particular item and being able to create tasty food with it. 

4. Self-Service Kiosk  

Okay, let's be honest no one wants to give their order to another person who can potentially misinterpret it and mess it up. It's a lot easier and not to mention quicker, if customers could order what they want and input it into the system themselves. After all, it would reduce mistakes and allow customers to thoroughly look over the menu without feeling rushed. 

That's why self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly popular, especially in fast food establishments and some restaurants. Since customers can choose what they want, customize it, and pay for it, all with just a push of a button. 

Self-service kiosks are more efficient for all involved. In fact, due to the quick service, restaurants can serve more people, thereby increasing their profits and boosting customer satisfaction. 

5. Food For on the Go 

People are always on the go. Whether it be due to vocational travel or computing to work each day, people are mobile and ready to go. Since time is limited, the grab and go trend has evolved into a whole lifestyle, which the food industry has adapted to. 

From insta-pots to meal delivery services, companies have found a way to embrace being on the go. Some restaurants are even offering meal kits and to-go specials or discounts. That way, people who don't have the time to cook or don't want to can experience the ease of dining on the go. 

Keep in mind that dining on the go doesn't always afford people the luxury of having all necessary items. Include silverware in each order along with salt and pepper, and if needed, mayo, mustard, or ketchup.

6. Sustainability 

With climate change rising, sustainability has become a hot topic, especially in the food industry. Customers want to know that restaurants and fast food companies are doing everything in their power to be sustainable. For example, giving out paper straws, recyclable bags, paper cups, recyclable cup holders, and more. 

Changing from plastic to paper is crucial in today's society. It not only cites what a company values and agrees with, but it showcases action on the part of the company. After all, the company is advocating for a safer environment and practicing such action by giving out paper supplies. 

It's crucial that restaurants and fast food establishments demonstrate such action because it can lead to other people practicing such action as well. Not to mention, restaurants will likely receive favorable reviews for their decision to advocate for environmental change. 

In fact, people who strongly believe in such matters may visit their establishment more due to their similar beliefs. Thus, restaurants will see an increase in profits and even a boost in customer satisfaction due to their action. 

7. Transparency 

Food Industry Trends

In the age of honesty, transparency is fundamental. Customers want to know what ingredients are in your products, how they were produced, and even how they were sourced. Some customers would even like to know what values you support or what charities you have donated to. 

These details are important to consumers as they assess allergy concerns or moral dilemmas. After all, being transparent about your company's operations, product ingredients, and even values or charitable efforts is crucial to your business's success. 

In a recent study, 9 out 10 people said they would stop purchasing from brands that lacked transparency. Thus, make it easy for customers to know where you stand. 

Create packaging that stands out and depicts the values you represent. Whether it be a wine label or a chip bag, let it showcase how the product was made.  

8. Homemade Food   

Homemade food has been slowly increasing in popularity, but in 2021 it will see its peak. Due to the demand for locally sourced and natural ingredients, customers are more likely to select items that are homemade. After all, homemade items are often organic and advertised with notions of love. 

This concept that homemade products are "made with love" affirms consumers' belief that all ingredients should be respected and cared for, rather than consumed due to hunger. Thus, homemade food presents an ideal of respecting the ingredients, treating them with kindness, and loving them as you love yourself. 

To make sure this ideal is passed on, include this message in a catchy slogan or tagline. Make people remember your brand, not just a singular product by instilling your values or ethics in your website, your packaging, and your advertising. 

Allow your homemade food to stand out since it's not replicated in a factory assembly line. Make each pastry or savory dish different to the eye. That way, customers know that you put your heart into the dish by being creative and different. 

Use These Food Industry Trends Today 

To boost your sales and enhance your brand, use these food industry trends. Whether it be, adding plant-based food to your menu or adding sustainable packaging to your food, put these trends to good use. 

You'll not only see an increase in profits but also a boost in star ratings and customer satisfaction. So start experimenting today. 

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