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9 Delicious Packaging Ideas for Ready to Eat Meals

9 Delicious Packaging Ideas for Ready to Eat Meals
Do you have a hard time coming up with new and interesting designs for your ready-to-eat meal packaging and labels? Staying current and fresh with your marketing is going to be what draws customers attention. If you think your packaging is ready for a refresh, but you are feeling slightly uninspired don't worry. Everyone needs help getting the creative ideas flowing. If you're ready-to-eat meals and looking for unique packaging, click here for some useful tips.

1. Create New Packaging For The Seasons

Each new season can mean new packaging. Creating new labels that coordinate with the time of year and the seasons is a great way to appeal to customers.

Start by using specific colours that relate to the seasons. Say it is the summertime, brighter colours that are more intense are used. If it is springtime, lighter pastel colours will draw more attention. 

Adding images that relate to holidays is another great visual way to add personality to your packaging during a specific time of year. Label design is a great way to appeal to your customers' sentimental side! 

2. Personalize The Whole Experience

The packaging should be a reflection of your brand and the food you are selling within the packaging. 

By customizing the label with things such as your business history or other unique selling points. People are more likely to stop and read the packaging.

What are your company's values and beliefs? Where did your company originate from? Adding customizable information about the company will help people connect to your food. 

You can enhance the experience of your customer by customizing the packaging to them. Including text or an image with a message that targets your customer's specific interests allows them to connect to your product. 

Make the unboxing experience very personalized to individual customers. The more personalized the experience, the more likely people are to buy your product.

3. Different and Unique Sized Stickers and Labels

When you look down the rows of food at a grocery store, you see packaging labels with basic shapes. Try switching the shape of your label. 

With the amount of customization that printing companies can do these days, the shapes you can create are limitless! Using your logo could make a good outline for the label. Or your ready-to-go meal has a signature dish that has a recognizable shape. 

The quantity and placement of the labels can also make your packaging stand out. Adding a label or piece of branding to the inside of the packaging can be a wow factor for customers. It will be a nice surprise that makes them come back for more.

Next time you go to the grocery store, make sure you take a look around and see what catches your eye. 

4. A Pop of Color 

If your packaging is using grayscale or neutral tones currently, try adding a pop of colour.

Colour is one of the biggest factors when customers are looking at prepackaged meals or food. These days customers are associating a nice, bright colour pallet with more high-quality brands. 

Studies have been done that show that customers like it when labels have two or three bright colours that work beautifully together. Any new pattern elements that you create with your colours should stay intricate and minimal without getting overwhelming. Customers won't enjoy feeling like there was a colour explosion on the packaging. 

There are some trendy new ways to incorporate these bright colours into your packaging design. Use organically shaped colour blocking, illustrated patterns that hint at what is inside, or ink drawings. You can also add characters to your packaging to make it a story-driven experience.  

5. Have Fun With the Wording

Ready to eat meals

Creating food packaging should be fun! Think of what wording you can use to connect with people. 

When you package the ready-to-go meal, think of the packaging around the food. Also, think of where else you can place smaller text or individual stickers that can highlight new aspects of the meal. 

Use an area on the packaging that does not have text or nutritional info. Add a fun fact about the nutritional information or ingredients. When you spice up the wording, you can draw attention to the features that set your brand apart. 

When creating this copy think of how you can help solve a problem for your customers. If we look at the industry, the most effective packaging contains copy that reassures customers that they can help them the most. 

6. Be Transparent

When designing a new label for your packaging, try using a transparent label. When the background is see-through you can highlight the product within the packaging. 

From there you can add a unique border around the text or unique font. The contrast of the transparent label with the unique design will give you a label that will stand out on the packaging. 

Making the packaging for your ready-to-eat meal transparent emphasizes that there are no "hidden" ingredients in your food as well.

Just make sure that the label colours will still pop when the product is placed underneath it. 

7. Change Up the Fonts 

Finding a new font can be a great way to add a design element to your packaging. Freehand fonts on food labels have become very popular. They are pleasing to the eye and they are easy to read, giving you the best of both worlds!

While you are choosing an exciting new font to add to your packaging, make sure that the font comes out clearly. People shop quickly and for convenience. This means that fancy and cursive fonts will slow down the shopper and make your label hard to read.  

Combine clear typography with bold new colour and you are almost certain to catch the eye of even the fastest browser. 

8. Go the Eco-friendly Way 

Ready to eat meals

More than ever, customers are thinking about the waste that they are putting into the environment. Did you know that 74% of consumers will pay substantially more for sustainable packaging?

People typically think of ready-to-eat meals as something that has a lot of waste, to begin with. This is because of a lot of packaging that comes with pre-made meals. Ask yourself what materials you can use that are eco-friendly and how you can showcase this concept in your packaging. 

If you want to have packaging that stands out above the rest, you need to start creating sustainable packaging. You can do this by either using a biodegradable packing material or by using reusable product packaging. 

9. Start Using Unique Materials 

What materials are you using now on your food labels? What does the finish of the material look like? 

Materials that have a lot of texture to them are great for ready-to-go meals that have an antique aesthetic to them. Smoother materials are normally better for a more modern look. 

Some materials that you can use are polymer films, paper, metallic foil, bioplastic films, and more! 

One of the trends in the food packaging industry is the use of porous surfaces. Materials such as cardboard or mycelium mushroom packaging. Using this material helps to minimize contact with bacteria and viruses. 

Don't Forget The Necessities 

There are some elements that you cannot omit from your packaging. These are the elements that must be on your packaging. 

  • Ingredients 
  • Nutrition Information 
  • Expiration dates 
  • Net weights of the food 
  • Health warnings
  • Company name and origin information 

While these are necessities, they can help you stand out. Present these elements authentically. By being true to your brand will make your customer reach for your meals first. 

Customers buy brands that they trust. When it comes to ready-to-eat meals, people want to know exactly what they are getting and who is making it. Adding all of this information to the packaging is going to build trust and show people that you are a company they want to purchase from. 

Make Your Ready-To-Eat Meals Stand Out 

Beautifully designed packaging does more than just cover your ready-to-go meals. Creating unique packaging is going to be how you successfully sell your product. It is part of how you market your food. 

Designing packaging for ready-to-eat meals is our speciality at LabelProfi. Our company is certified in FDA food standards, ROHS, and REACH. We also use 100% environmentally safe technologies to ensure your meals are safe for all of your customers. 

Contact us today and receive a quote on your new custom packaging.  

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