Chemical industry labels

LabelProfi offers a wide range of multipurpose and multifunctional labels for the chemical industry. Our cutting-edge digital printing technology guarantees high printing quality and flexibility, variable-data printing, multi design label printing, high responsiveness and short delivery times, thus enabling your company dynamic positioning of its products on the market. You can also choose from a wide range of substrates, resistant to acids, fats, alcohol, solvents and various climatic effects.

Chemical industry labels: variable-data printing, multi design label printing, and a wide selection of substrates resistant to acids, fats, alcohol, solvents, and different environmental conditions. It is important to include all of the regulatory safety and warning markings on the labels, as well as on containers, used for storage and/or transport. We employ different adhesives, according to the properties of the surface to ensure optimal adhesion of the label. On request from our clients, we can also use solvent-free inks, certified to meet the highest environmental standards.

Apart from high quality of label production, our supreme printing technology, also enables extremely flexible orders of labels. We offer our clients variable data printing, high responsiveness and urgent deliveries, which makes it easier for them to dynamically position their products on the market.

For the chemical industry we produce dye/paint/tint labels, lacquer/varnish labels, labels for crop protection chemicals, cleaning fluid labels, liquid fertilizer labels, and labels for other chemicals.

Key advantages

  • Highest printing quality - better than flexographic printing
  • Excellent price for small and medium runs
  • Simple ordering
  • Flexibility of production, even with frequent design changes
  • Variable data printing, only limited by the size of the label
  • High responsiveness - short delivery times
  • Small and medium runs with a lot of different types of labels
  • Sample print runs for later large-scale production
  • Possibility of dynamic positioning of your product(s) on the market
  • Possibility of our designers' support in development of your product's new visual image