Car industry labels

The LabelProfi team is highly experienced when it comes to the development of different label solutions for the car industry. These types of labels usually require different characteristics according to their usage, for example resistance to weak acids, motor oils, extreme temperatures, and the durability of the substrate.

Starter battery labels, automotive battery labels, industrial battery labels, labels for car parts and components, individually numbered labels, personalized labels, warning labels, serial number labels …


We also offer variable-data printing and labeling in monochrome and color techniques.


LabelProfi was involved in all phases of a major client's label introduction process, including design, technical execution variants substrate and adhesion method selection , as well as variable-data and customer trademark management

For the car industry LabelProfi offers automotive SLI battery labels, accumulator labels, industrial battery labels, auto parts labels, personalized labels, warning labels, serial number labels, etc.

Key advantages

  • Highest printing quality - better than flexographic printing.
  • Excellent price for small and medium runs
  • Simple ordering.
  • Flexibility of production, even with frequent design changes.
  • Variable data printing, only limited by the size of the label.
  • High responsiveness - short delivery times.
  • Small and medium runs with a lot of different types of labels.
  • Sample print runs for later large-scale production.
  • Possibility of dynamic positioning of your product(s) on the market.
  • Possibility of our designers' support in development of your product's new visual image.