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Beer Labels From LabelProfi: a Brewer's Mark of Distinction

Are you a long-time brewmaster, an amateur making beer brewing a full-time business, or a homebrewer who shares bottles with friends? Whatever the case, you need to have custom beer labels made for your operation. If you send us your label design, we will print them for you in the quantity you specify.

We're LabelProfi. Have we captured your interest yet?

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What Types of Beer Bottle Labels Would You Like?

As a dedicated, flexible packaging and label printing company, we think you should choose us to print your beer labels. Why? It's because we have honed our craft to a relatively limited range of products, thus allowing us to go above and beyond the norm in what we produce for our customers.

We offer competitive prices on various types of label material (e.g., paper or film) and finishing (e.g., hot foil printing, spot varnish, different effect varnishes, screen printing, various kinds of lamination, embossing, etc.). Of course, this elevates the appearance of our clients' products.

The Different Types of Beer Bottle Labels

Did you know that there are so many different beer labels that many people collect the bottles just to preserve their labels? With so many brewers trying to distinguish their special beers from all the others, you can be sure that beer labels have a purpose. Here are a few examples of the many types of beer labels:

  • Funny beer labels
  • Artistic beer labels
  • Plain beer labels
  • Shiny beer labels
  • Craft beer labels
  • Vintage beer labels
  • Commemorative beer labels
  • Beer bottle neck labels
  • And any other beer labels your mind can imagine

We print them all, including in traditional label shapes, like rectangles or ovals, as well as more elaborate die-cut labels.

Designing a Label for Beer BottlesBeer labels

If you have artistic talent, by all means, create your own label designs. But don't let a lack of experience with the label design process stand in your way. Remember, you've poured your talent into creating what goes inside the bottle.

Are you aware that there are many graphic design freelancers out there who would do somersaults at the idea of designing labels for beer bottles? Earning your business would not only put a little money in their pockets, but you would also be helping them build portfolios to show their other potential clients.

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The Process of Ordering and Printing Beer Labels

From beginning to end, the beer label ordering and creation process at LabelProfi recognizes our clients' need for efficiency and perfection. Here is our approach, step-by-step.

Step 1

When we print beer labels, we begin by giving our customers the chance to ask technical questions of our expert staff. These might include:

  • Choosing the right substrates, adhesives, inks, and varnishes for your label
  • Planning and designing the label to capture your product' brand and qualities
  • Explaining how to protect the label from various external factors (e.g., heat and moisture)
  • Helping to select an appropriate production technology based on estimated production quantity and any variations of the label
  • Producing the label to facilitate placement on the product

Step 2

Once we have received your label design mock-up, we begin to prepare and finalize it for the production prepress phase. If you would like a better understanding of all this stage involves, check out our information page.

Step 3

This critical step is where you order samples of your beer bottle labels. If you're asking yourself why this is a critical step, it's because the samples give us and you the chance to spot any printing errors before producing the full order quantity. The following are a few things we do not like to see reflected in the samples:

  • Not accounting for document bleed
  • Not having used an industry-grade printing program to create the file
  • Having created a file with too low a resolution
  • Improperly aligned colours
  • Using files with stray marks
  • Typos

It's your image, so check our work as well as yours, so we needn't go back to square one and create a whole new file.

Step 4

Now it the time to send us an enquiry where you list the final specs for the finished product. These include:

  • The label quantity
  • The dimensions
  • The number of variations
  • The number of labels per roll
  • Choice of substrate, adhesive and colour model
  • The roll's wind direction and core diameter
  • The choice of finishes
  • Description of the label's intended use
  • Desired delivery date
  • The final version of the file to be printed

You can do this by phone or by using our detailed online form.

Step 5

Once you receive your delivery of beer bottle labels, you can set about affixing them to your filled and capped beer bottles. Naturally, the best fun is handing people your newly-labelled beer product — to admire the custom beer labels and taste what's inside.

Comments From Satisfied Customers

"Great place for all types of label and flexible packaging solutions."

– Nikola R.


– Matej H.

How We Price Our Products and Services

Beer labelOnce you have spoken with us by phone or submitted a detailed inquiry form, we will quote a price for you upfront. We will base the cost on the quantity of beer bottle labels you need, the amount of detail in the production process, the materials requested, whether you require rush delivery and related factors. Our prices are always fair and consistent.

Have a Drink on Us — And Our Outstanding Beer Labels

Once your friends, acquaintances, and customers have tried your beer and admired its plain, artistic or funny beer label, you can be sure they'll be back for more in no time at all. You, too, will be back for more — more of our top-quality beer labels, that is. Don't forget to contact us when your stock of beer labels is getting low. You don't want to get caught without any!

Do you know that LabelProfi has been in business since 1994? But it's only been in the past few years that we've been a label printing company. Once you order your custom beer labels from us, you'll want to spread the word to all the other larger breweries and craft brewers you know.

We thank you in advance for your patronage.

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