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Bottle labels - impress your customers

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Bottle labels - impress your customers
Every year, on November 11, according to tradition, unfermented grape juice turns into wine. So, this year new wine is ready to be bottled and sold to customers. Bottle labels are the best way to ensure your beverage product stands out in today’s crowded competition.

We cooperate closely with our customers from start to finish to optimize the label production in terms of quality and cost-efficiency. We offer clients various types of special label finishing (hot foil printing, spot varnish, different effect varnishes, screen printing, various kinds of lamination, embossing, etc.) and many special substrates for innovative and creative marketing approaches. 

For beverage manufacturers, we offer wine labels, craft beer labels, distilled spirits labels, labels for fruit juices/nectars and other nonalcoholic beverages, and much more. LabelProfi offers top-quality, excellent customer service, short delivery times, and a competitive price.